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I help people in pain retrain their posture and alignment so they can feel and move better and avoid pain pills, shots, and invasive surgeries


Welcome To Precise Posture

Pain is the body's voice, listen to your body

Hello and welcome! I am Rachel, the owner of Precise Posture a company that offers Posture Alignment Therapy services. I'm excited to learn how I can help you!  I work with clients around the world via video-chat to improve posture and restore balance throughout the musculoskeletal system. My goal is to get you back to the full, healthy, active life you desire!


Are you ready to get your life back from pain?Are you ready to live the life you did before pain?

Have you tried traditional therapies, shots, pills or maybe you've already had a surgery that didn't work?

It is time to try a NEW therapy! Posture Alignment Therapy is a holistic approach to helping chronic pain, We seek to get your body in proper alignment through your muscles (because muscles move bones)! We want to fix the problem that is causing your pain, not just treat the symptom. PAT provides a means for the body to heal itself through individualized corrective exercises that increase your function, mobility and strength!

My Services

Precise Posture Offers

Precise Posture Class Membership

Access to the membership platform
  • Access To All Live Posture Classes
  • Access To All Previously Recorded Classes
  • Exclusive Posture Videos To Increase Function & Reduce Pain
  • Customer Satisfaction Guarantee
$ 45 Per Month

1 ON 1 Virtual Posture Sessions

Includes Members Area & Full Support
  • Access To All Live Posture Classes
  • Access To All Previously Recorded Classes
  • Exclusive Posture Videos To Increase Function & Reduce Pain
  • Individualized Posture Routine Via 1 On 1 Video Call
  • Access To Posture App With Your Individualized Routine
  • Real Time Training On Exercise Form & How They Are Changing Your Body
  • Gait Analysis & Functional Testing
  • On Going Support & Accountability Checks
  • Money Back Guarantee


a multitude of different symptoms and diagnoses. No matter what the symptoms are, my goal is to get your body back to proper functional alignment. When this happens, your body is now in a position to heal itself from whatever pain you are experiencing. My memberships provide education and training tools on how to do this from the comfort of your own home

From Some Of My Clients


Sheriden P
Chronic Lower Back Pain


I have had lower back pain for at least the last 6-7 years and would even throw it out about once a year. I’ve tried just about everything to help it and out of everything, I’ve never had results like this. After only a month I feel really good and my pain is rarely there and continues to improve (something I thought wasn’t possible). I feel like I have my life and mobility back. Rachel is awesome and fun to work with; she also listens and really customizes the exercises to each person. Legit the best decision I ever made and I’m so grateful for the help!

Caitlyn E
Scoliosis, chronic back pain, spasms


Working with Rachel was the first time a professional took the time to listen to me about ALL the issues I have going on with my body. She helped me figure out that they are all connected and can be corrected with simple movements. The exercises she gives you are accessible and easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Kristen B
Chronic IT Band issues and knee pain


I came to see Rachel to get some help with a chronic IT band injury that’s been keeping me from running. I was so happy with the level of care she took to listen to my concerns, identify areas of misalignment AND teach me what she was seeing. She crafted a plan specific to my needs taking into consideration my ability to actually perform the exercises without overwhelming me with too many exercises. So pleased!!

What Do I Do?

Check out this video! 

In this podcast, I explain more about Posture Therapy.

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